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470 E. 3rd Street Suite C, Los Angeles, California 90013

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Project 180 Los Angeles CA 90013

Project 180 is a faith-based substance abuse and alcohol rehabilitation and outreach program. It was founded in 1984 by Dr. George Brown, who treated many alcoholics and drug abusers who were un-educated and uneducated about the disease of substance abuse. Dr. Brown saw the need for a community-based substance abuse and alcohol rehab and education program. The name “Project 180” is taken from Dr. Brown’s vision for a substance abuse and alcoholism treatment program that would focus on the problem of substance abuse and addiction at its most fundamental level and in its most vulnerable areas.

The drug rehab and substance abuse treatment program take into consideration the fact that the person’s overall health and life quality are the single most important factor that determines whether they will experience success in the recovery process. There are many factors that make up the life quality of an individual addict. The drug addiction treatment program seeks to make fundamental changes in the way the patient looks at their life and their past, as well as their future, to eliminate the dependency of alcohol or drugs upon them. This type of comprehensive approach makes a huge difference in the level of success of any drug addict, regardless of how severe their substance abuse addiction may be.

The staff and volunteers at Project 180 are highly trained in all aspects of drug rehabilitation. Many have been sober for years and have built successful businesses or completed degrees. They know from personal experience the challenges that every addict will face in their road to recovery and know how to deal with these challenges. This is why the majority of Project 180 Los Angeles patients do not return to their drug rehab for more drug addiction treatment. They choose to go through the same program at this facility that helped them to become sober and come out a stronger and more positive person.

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