Walden House Transitional Treatment Center Los Angeles CA 90015

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1355 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, California 90015

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Walden House Transitional Treatment Center Los Angeles CA 90015

The drug addiction treatment programs offered at this drug rehab center include individualized, holistic, and co-occurring treatment programs for adults and adolescents. An individualized program is one of the hallmarks of Walden House. This program offers patients a chance to receive individualized, customized treatment plans. This type of drug addiction treatment program allows patients to receive consistent care that addresses their specific needs and symptoms. This type of drug addiction treatment program also allows for an environment that is free from the social pressures that can cause relapse.

The holistic approach to treatment at this reputable Christian drug addiction treatment center is another reason why clients feel comfortable staying here. The counselors and professionals at this facility are experts in their area of practice and have experience treating people who suffer from addiction. In addition, the environment at the center is designed around the notion of providing patients with opportunities to grow personally and professionally, as well as to attend to personal matters such as work, family, and volunteer activities. These factors make it easy for patients to overcome their drug addiction and become productive and successful members of society. regulations that govern the treatment of patients. These laws were established in response to the realities of today’s society. Today’s economic and social environment has made it difficult for some families to afford the type of substance abuse treatment that is often required to successfully overcome substance abuse issues. For these families, there has been a push for state-funded, substance abuse treatment facilities that provide quality, affordable care. Unfortunately, many of these programs have been plagued by reports of abuse, neglect and poor treatment of patients. While some programs do provide meaningful help to those in need, others have little to offer those struggling to overcome substance abuse problems.

One such facility is Walden House. Through the years, thousands of individuals suffering from substance abuse issues have benefited from the individualized, supportive care provided by this Christian drug addiction treatment center. Each patient is assessed and treated using a unique treatment program that addresses his or her specific needs. Through the process of treatment, patients learn to identify their personal triggers for substance abuse and find ways to strengthen their relationships. Through commitment to spiritual accountability and the encouragement of the Treatment Counselors at Walden House, the patients are able to redirect their lives and regain the love and support they once had.

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