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3125 McHenry Avenue, Modesto, California 95350

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Adolescence Last Resort Modesto CA 95350

As an adolescent or young adult, I can tell you that adolescence is not always a happy time. For some of my adolescent patients, the realization that they have developed a dependency on alcohol and other substances of abuse was a very hard thing for them to accept. They had been led to believe that they were “ready to grow up” and that they did not need substance abuse help in order to mature into fully functioning adults. While my patients have been happily married and have children of their own, some of them have been trapped in a life-long addiction that has been nearly impossible to overcome.

Substance abuse is a serious problem in our country and has been for several decades. As a former substance abuser, I know that it can be very difficult for teenagers to admit that they have a problem, much less that they need help. Many adolescents develop a pattern of substance abuse that can be difficult to break outside of, if they are ever ready to make that admission. Some of my adolescent clients have had to battle depression, anxiety, and social alienation while struggling with their addiction. Because of the nature of substance abuse and addiction, my adolescent clients are often subjected to some extremely difficult and personally trying circumstances during their recovery, which can further complicate their situation.

While admitting that you have a substance abuse problem is a first step toward recovery, admitting that you need help in order to get rid of your addiction is a more crucial first step. For many people, substance abuse and addiction are a last resort, after all the negative effects of indulging in risky behavior. It is important to remember, however, that just because you are seeking therapy or addiction treatment does not mean that you are not able to lead a normal, healthy life. With the right help and encouragement, you can go on to live a fulfilling and productive life even while going through a difficult time.

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