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1933 Coffee Road, Modesto, California 95355

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Dr Dan Anderson Modesto CA 95355

Dr. Dan Anderson is a professional who specializes in drug addiction and alcoholism treatment. He has been treating substance abuse and addiction for almost 15 years. For those that are looking to see what Dr. Anderson can do for them, it is important to note that he can help those with a drug addiction problem but that he also works to get people who have an addiction to alcohol or other substances of abuse to overcome them. In his over four decades of practice, he has treated and worked with those struggling from substance abuse, alcoholism, depression, bipolar, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

As one of the most established and respected drug addiction specialists in the country, Dr. Anderson brings a wealth of knowledge to the table that will benefit those seeking help through rehabilitation. He offers a variety of therapies, some of which are individualized, meaning that his style of treatment may differ from that of another professional who may prescribe different medications. Another thing that he emphasizes is that drug rehabilitation does not occur in a vacuum; it occurs within the client’s entire family. Many who enter rehabilitation realize that they have a problem but may fail to realize that there are other family members and friends suffering from the same problems or worse. Drug rehab should be treated as a team effort with each person in the program working together to achieve the best results possible.

Dr. Anderson’s program focuses on providing his patients with both immediate and long-term care, though many times, immediate care is only offered for those with a severe addiction to alcohol or other substance. Long-term recovery is usually the goal of those who are attending the program, whether they are in it for the short term or the long term. Those who are seeking a recovery program should consult their primary care doctor first so that they can be placed on the proper type of medication for their particular condition. Many times, those who are addicted to alcohol will need counseling and sometimes medical intervention in order to help them fully recover. Dr. Anderson is very aware of this fact and he provides that type of care in his drug alcoholism treatment program.

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