Mental Health Systems Inc Teen Recovery Center-Modesto Modesto CA 95354

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330 McHenry Avenue Suite C, Modesto, California 95354

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Mental Health Systems Inc Teen Recovery Center-Modesto Modesto CA 95354

Mental Health Systems Inc., a leading addiction treatment program in the nation, offers a number of quality addiction treatment programs to both teens and adults. The organization also provides a number of aftercare drug rehab centers for those teens and young adults that have completed their recovery programs. A key feature of the Mental Health Systems Inc. drug treatment program is its use of a whole person approach to treatment. This is different than other programs, which tend to focus on treating the symptoms of addiction or mental illness. This whole person approach addresses the core issues behind the drug and alcohol use, and teaches proper life skills to help fight substance abuse.

In Modesto, California, the Mental Health Systems Inc. drug addiction treatment center strives to meet the needs of all clients with substance abuse problems. Offering various drug treatment programs and an outpatient recovery center, the facility treats patients for alcohol and drug addictions using a whole person approach. Clients are assessed to determine if they need specific treatment plans based on their specific drug addiction or mental illness. From there, clients are assigned an individualized, customized drug rehabilitation plan to address their particular needs. Substance abuse can be a complex disease, and Mental Health Systems Inc. strives to give clients the best chance in beating their addiction.

The goal of every drug addiction treatment program is the same: to provide long term and effective recovery from drug addiction. However, each client’s recovery is evaluated on an individual basis. This way, the professionals can work closely with each patient to ensure he or she gets the most comprehensive treatment. The teen recovery center-modesto ca offers several different residential treatment options including inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Both are effective in helping teens recover from drug addiction. Those looking for a drug addiction treatment program that will work with adolescents and families should visit the teen recovery center-modesto ca website to learn more about their residential treatment programs, as well as other helpful information.

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