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800 Scenic Drive, Modesto, California 95350

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Stanislaus County BHRS Modesto CA 95350

Stanislaus County is one of the many Northern California counties that make up the San Joaquin Valley and the county of Stanislaus is located in northern California. In addition to the numerous large urban areas like Los Angeles, where there are an estimated twelve million people that are either addicts or addicted to some form of drugs, Stanislaus County is also home to quite a few small rural townships where there are drug-addled individuals that live off the land and farm out most of their produce. A drug addiction treatment program based in Stanislaus County would be a good fit for these types of individuals, because they can receive the help that they need and it is not expensive for them to get into an addiction treatment program.

The reason that it makes so much sense for someone in Stanislaus County to get into a drug addiction treatment program that is available in the area is because the demographics of the county are such that there is a high percentage of people that are either retired or working in the fields of agriculture, which means that there are plenty of drug addicts around. There is also a high percentage of the population that is fifty or over. The drug dependency rate is one of the higher drug dependency rates in America, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This means that the drug problem in Stanislaus County is already a very high priority for treatment facilities. As a result, the number of drug rehab centers in Stanislaus County has risen dramatically and several new treatment programs have been established to meet the demand.

One of the drug addiction treatment programs that has recently been established in Stanislaus County is the Crossroad Drug Rehabilitation Center. The mission of this rehab facility is to provide quality drug addiction treatment services to those that are suffering from various drug addictions, including alcoholism, cocaine and crack. The drug addiction treatment that is offered here is provided under the supervision of licensed social workers and psychologists, so that the recovery rates and success rates are exceptionally good. The drug addiction treatment offered at the Cross Road Drug Rehabilitation Center includes both residential and outpatient drug treatment programs, so that those that may not be able to enter a traditional inpatient drug treatment program can still get the help they need to get the help they need.

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