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2181 S El Camino Real #201, Oceanside, California 92054

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After having heard my friend, SAM, about the success of her daughter CAMILLE CHAPLINE went through in her drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, I had to find out more about the incredible woman. Born and raised in rural southeastern Oregon, CAMille CHAPLIN was an award winning high school athlete. Following her volleyball success, she pursued college football and played a key role as the starting quarterback for the University of Alabama. Following her time at the university, however, SAM’s drinking problems and substance abuse issues quickly spiraled into a downward spiral that would impact her life for the next decade. She struggled with heavy addiction, sleeping pills, and marijuana which, over time, consumed her body and mind.

After spending several months in rehab, CAMille was able to receive prescription assistance from her doctors in order to help with the pain associated with her addiction. Despite being on strong medication and therapy, however, she was still unable to shake the feeling that she wanted to consume alcohol again. Her doctor warned her not to try any medications while in rehab, but SAM was not deterred. In fact, even after receiving her last dosage of medications, she decided she was still a victim of substance abuse and wanted to return to her old habits of self-medication. Luckily, with the help of her parents, she was able to enter an alcohol and drug addiction treatment program run by Pacific Outreach that focused on offering quality substance abuse and alcoholism treatment programs to those in her situation.

Through the years of treatment, CAMille has learned to take ownership over her past faults and be willing to make positive changes in her life. She is no longer looking for a handout; she wants to do everything she can to become responsible and productive in her future. Even though she is still battling addiction to alcohol and drugs, she is doing everything she can to get herself back on track with her health and future. She is dedicated to making herself into a healthier person and pursuing her goal of a substance abuse and alcoholism treatment program in order to achieve sobriety and healing. If you or someone you love needs help, please call the National Association for Drug Addiction and Alcoholism at (813) 719-639 or (817) 573-5674.

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