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2144 North Harwood Street, Orange, California 92865

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O C's Aloha House Orange CA 92865

Before you can evaluate the ORC and their drug addiction treatment program for your loved one, you need to understand what a rehab and substance abuse program really are. The O C’s are the ones that set up the rehab program in a particular facility or they may even be the ones who decide where that particular facility is going to be housed. They are the ones who plan all the details that make it possible for someone to enter the rehab program and be successfully recovered. Therefore, if you are looking for an O C’s then you must take into consideration that this individual has likely been through a lot of pain and suffering and he/she now wants to see his/her loved one recovered and treated for his/her addiction to alcohol or drugs.

The ORC’s work with the professionals to find out exactly what type of drug a person has taken and how it relates to his/her current drug addiction. That is why the ORC will work with a team of people to assess the severity of the person’s addiction as well as other issues surrounding the drug. This assessment team may include the person’s doctor, his/her family members, friends, anyone who knows about the drug abuse, law enforcement personnel, as well as others who have been in the person’s life. It is the job of the ORC’s to find out where the drug is coming from, how it is being used (under the influence), and also to find out what the person’s life is like when not under the influence of the drug. In addition, the ORC assist the professionals with finding the most effective treatments for the patient, which may be in outpatient care or in an inpatient setting.

After the professionals determine that the patient is a good candidate for the drug rehabilitation program, the ORC will work with the family and friends to help them start the treatment process. This can include a lot of different things, such as setting up meetings with friends and family members who are responsible for taking care of the patient while he/she is in the treatment facility. A person does not need to be actively involved in the program in order to be successful, as many times they can simply choose to withdraw from the program if they do not feel as if they want to participate. One of the goals of the ORC’s during the initial evaluation is to set up a trust between the family and the professional assisting them in the treatment of their loved one, and this is often done through trust building. The ORC’s work closely with the professionals to ensure that the patient receives an individualized treatment that addresses both the substance abuse and the underlying mental illness that may be contributing to the drug abuse.

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