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160 East Holt Avenue Unit B, Pomona, California 91767

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Ettie Lee Youth & Family Services Pomona CA 91767

Nestled in the eastern part of Los Angeles County, Pomona, California, is home to a lot of things. From the Los Angeles County Fair to the Pomona College, the city has got it all. However, like most other cities, Pomona is not free from addiction. Substance abuse issues vary from alcohol, prescription drugs to street drugs like methamphetamine or heroin. Substance abuse is a complex issue that requires several treatments to help individuals deal with the root cause of their addiction. In Pomona, there are a variety of addiction treatment options that cater to the different needs of individuals. For instance, detoxification is the first step in most addiction treatment programs. Detoxification is a process where individuals abstain from substance abuse, and the body eliminates the toxic substances from their system.After detoxification, individuals will benefit from different forms of behavioral therapy. Pomona has several addiction treatment centers that specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy, aimed at helping individuals to recognize triggers for drug abuse and teach them coping mechanisms to deal with those triggers. This therapy enables a person to understand why they started struggling with substance abuse and helps them replace old habits with new, healthy habits.Motivational interviewing is another form of behavioral therapy that is quite popular in Pomona. It is a counseling model that seeks to help people find the internal motivation they need to change their behavior. In essence, motivational interviewing aims to help people realize the toll that addiction is taking on their lives, their families, and people around them. Moreover, group therapy is another form of addiction treatment that is useful. In group therapy, people with similar backgrounds and addiction struggles can come together to provide support and accountability. Group therapy aims to create a safe and welcoming environment where people can discuss their struggles, learn how to avoid triggers, and develop a support system. Another popular treatment option in Pomona is medication-assisted treatment. Medications like methadone or buprenorphine can help to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms for people struggling with opioid addiction. This could be what some individuals need to transition into a period of sobriety that ultimately leads them to recovery.After individuals complete their treatment program, they can benefit from continued care, also known as aftercare. Aftercare involves maintaining contact with addiction specialists or peers in recovery, participation in voluntary 12-step meetings, among other services. Aftercare ensures individuals continue on their path to recovery and prevent relapse.In conclusion, addiction has become a significant issue not only in Pomona but also across the United States. Treatment options in Pomona cover all bases of addiction treatment and cater to the unique needs of individuals during and post-treatment. Through all these treatments and educational programs, Pomona hopes that it can effectively reduce the impact of addiction on individuals, families, and the society at large.

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