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3576 Arlington Avenue, Riverside, California 92506

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Mental Health Systems Inc Riverside Center for Change Riverside CA 92506

Drug Rehab Centers The Drug Rehab Center in Riverside has a focus on prevention and early intervention. Inpatient programs are focused on behavioral therapies, relapse prevention, and life skills development, while outpatient programs offer a combination of outpatient services and inpatient services for the most effective drug addiction treatment available. With facility for details on outpatient treatment options, is located in Riverside, California. They offer the following treatment methods for substance abuse treatment: Comprehensive Drug Abuse Treatment (CDA Therapy), Comprehensive Case Management (CCM), Drug detox/resso therapy, and methadone maintenance treatment. With their location is located in Riverside, California.

Substance Abuse Treatment Center (SATC) The Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Riverside provides the outpatient substance abuse treatment services and inpatient substance abuse treatment services for individuals and families. They offer detoxification services, medication management, individual and family therapies, and life skills development. Their detoxification process detoxifies the patient from any chemical substances that may have been used within the patient’s body. The medication management allows the patient to receive proper medication dosage and at the same time helps reduce the withdrawal symptoms and other issues associated with detoxification. They also offer medications that help the person and their family deal with any issues that may arise during the detoxification process as well. With their location is located in Riverside, California.

Narcotics Anonymous (NAA) The National Alliance for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction is an organization that works to help people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, or psychological problems. They also offer various other support programs including, teen and young adult, inpatient, outpatient, residential, and online recovery programs. They are also affiliated with local schools, colleges, and organizations. The Narcotics Anonymous program will help those suffering from addiction to seek professional help by teaching them about the dangers of drug use and by offering techniques for coping with their emotional and physical needs. These are just a few of the many substance abuse treatment services offered by these treatment centers.

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