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3550 Watt Ave. #180, Sacramento, California 95821

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Colleen Moore

One of America’s most respected and highly sought-after addiction treatment facilities, Colleen Moore L MT offers customized, individualized treatment plans for your alcohol and drug addiction. Her holistic approach to substance abuse recovery programs is geared at helping you make necessary changes in your life to overcome drug addiction and alcoholism, thereby enabling you to lead a drug-free life both in the physical and mental sense. Her treatment plan approach helps you battle drug withdrawal symptoms while arming you with the tools to ensure that you can fully recover from alcohol or drug addiction. When searching for an alcohol or drug addiction treatment center, it is important that you carefully consider the various treatment options, which are available to you. Each substance abuse center offers its patients a personalized drug addiction treatment plan to address the specific needs of alcohol and drug addicts.

Each patient receiving addiction treatment at Colleen Moore L MT undergoes an evaluation process in which biological, behavioral, and social issues are examined. In addition, patient education is administered in an effort to assist them in deciding upon the best course of action for their particular substance abuse problem. In addition to an extensive list of treatment options, a strong emphasis is placed on spiritual empowerment and encouraging the patient to participate in ongoing AA meetings, group therapy, and activities that promote self-empowerment and sobriety. Many alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilities offer private or one-on-one counseling sessions as well as a variety of educational seminars that are designed to supplement the above treatment options. If you or someone you love needs help to get into a recovery program, contact one of the many qualified professionals in the addiction treatment today.

Colleen Moore is a life-long alcoholic and drug addict who struggled for decades before receiving treatment at one of her many reputable alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs. Through her own personal experience she was able to learn coping mechanisms for controlling her urge to abuse substances. She overcame physical, mental, and emotional obstacles. Now she is using these life-changing lessons to help others reclaim their lives. If you or someone you love needs help with substance abuse treatment, contact one of the many professionals in the alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs today.

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