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3650 Auburn Blvd. C-208, Sacramento, California 95821

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Life Practice Counseling Group Sacramento CA 95821

One of the most effective ways to treat substance abuse and addiction is a Life Practice Counseling. This program was founded by Dr. Morris Y. Korsmeyer, who treated many patients with addictions. He felt that many of his patients’ problems were caused by a lack of counseling. He believed that if patients received the proper counseling, they would be able to recognize their problem and get help much quicker. The main focus of Life Practice Counseling is to identify and treat the underlying causes of the addiction. Drug Rehab centers and alcohol treatment programs often only deal with the physical aspect of substance abuse and neglect to explore the emotional factors.

Life Practice Counseling has many advantages over other forms of addiction recovery programs such as inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Life Practice Counseling focuses on the individual therapy, which allows the person to work on their own and with their own resources to work on their recovery. Counseling group meetings are also very effective as they give the people participating the opportunity to support each other and learn from each other.

The program also teaches the twelve step process, which is crucial for any substance abuse and addiction recovery program. The twelve step program was developed by the former alcoholics’ movement as an alternative method of recovery. People who participate in the twelve step program commit themselves to making changes in their lives so that they can become healthier and live longer. The Life Practice program makes use of these principles to help its participants quit the program and go back to living a life that is free from substance abuse. If you are interested in learning more about the program, call or visit their website.

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