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5777 Madison Avenue Suite 303, Sacramento, California 95841

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Open Door Counseling Center Sacramento CA 95841

The Open Door Counseling Center in Sacramento, California is a non-profit organization that provides an extensive array of unique, professional treatment programs and services for men and women suffering from addictions to alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, self-harm or other substances of abuse. The organization does not just refer their clients to local inpatient substance abuse treatment centers.. Instead, the Center offers its clients a “hands-on” outpatient treatment approach that help clients to learn how to live an alcohol and drug-free life through education and personal support as well as by providing resources such as educational information, peer support and tools for coping with stress and depression, anger management classes, healthy diet and nutrition, family counseling and more. The Open Door Counseling Center has been licensed by the State of California and is a member of the National Association for the Treatment of Drug Addiction (NADA). We can say that we have found the best drug rehab center for our loved ones who are suffering from addiction!

In our experience, when we chose the Open Door Counseling Center as our drug addiction treatment facility, there were many things that we were thankful for. The first thing that we were grateful for was being assigned to a Team of Experts who had been handpicked for their specific skills in working with addicts and in helping them overcome their addiction. Along with having a Team of trained counselors and therapists, we also found that Open Door Counseling Center provided extra resources that made our drug rehab experience a very positive and memorable one. These resources included a 24-hour hotline that allowed us to reach out to our families anytime of the day or night; the ability to work with our program partners and referral sources to find the best treatment option for our clients; information on a wide range of topics such as drug intervention and brief educational sessions that allowed us to learn new coping strategies and skills without our clients knowing it; a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, therapists and others who fully embraced our values and committed to providing the best possible care to those suffering from addiction; and, most importantly, our friendly, caring staff.

As we began to meet with our clientele, it became obvious that they were in great need of a drug treatment program that addressed their specific needs. The drug abuse program services offers several different types of treatments for those who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs and/or behaviors related to these substances.. Open Door Counseling Center is committed to offering its clients the highest level of patient care while offering a convenient, low-cost, quality outpatient treatment facility for alcohol and drug abuse and related problems.

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