Monterey County Behavioral Health Childrens Services Salinas CA 93901

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951 Blanco Circle, Salinas, California 93901

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Monterey County Behavioral Health Childrens Services Salinas CA 93901

The Monterey County Behavioral Health Services’ clinic in Salinas offers a comprehensive range of services geared towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation and other substance abuse treatment. The center’s main aim is to provide quality case management and treatment for the children suffering from addictions to drugs and alcohol. The center incorporates a unique patient-centric approach to treatment that concentrates on addressing the emotional, spiritual and psychological needs of the patients. Drug Rehab Case Management facilitates the process of removing drug and alcohol addicts from the drug scene. Substance abuse treatment centers offer a wide array of drug detox programs under highly qualified doctors. These programs have helped thousands of addicts to completely get rid of their addictions.

In addition, the behavioral health services have also launched an innovative new case management strategy for drug and alcohol rehab in Salinas. The goal is to improve the quality of life of these families and help them lead productive and successful lives. The strategy involves improved discharge planning, better medical supervision, and other relevant strategies aimed at offering families a drug addiction treatment program with the best possible chance at recovery. The entire plan has been approved by the State’s Board of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Services. All the families are provided with customized treatment plans based on their specific requirements. Drug Rehab center staff follow a 12-step recovery plan which concentrates on providing individuals the tools they need for a total recovery.

The behavioral health center staff offers personalized services to families in order to address every aspect of the problem. Drug Rehab Case Management provides for a complete assessment and treatment of drug and alcohol dependencies in Salinas. Through specialized clinical services, family members are offered effective support in the process of recovering from substance abuse. This makes Monterey County Drug Rehab center one of the best in the country.

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