Set Free Woman's Ranch San Bernardino CA 92410

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473 W. Baseline Street, San Bernardino, California 92410

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Set Free Woman's Ranch San Bernardino CA 92410

The Set Free Woman’s Ranch in San Bernardino County, California offers comprehensive drug addiction treatment and related programs. It has been the top drug rehab and substance abuse treatment facility in the whole of California. It provides the best detoxification programs and other related programs to meet the needs of drug abusers. The drug rehabilitation program of Set Free Woman’s Ranch is based on the theory of the 12 step recovery program which emphasizes on the involvement of the individual and the group. The program not only provides drug rehabilitation facilities but also teaches the basic human rights of every individual.

The drug rehabilitation program of Set Free Woman’s Ranch is highly specialized with a strong emphasis on spiritual healing. The program takes into account various types of religions and spiritual beliefs. This makes the rehab center an ideal place for recovering addicts to be re-inserted into society without facing discrimination. The drug addiction treatment program is provided by highly trained therapists and counselors. These professionals provide the necessary guidance and counseling to the addicted individuals so that they can fight the drug addiction. They offer personalized drug addiction treatment and behavioral therapy programs to treat the problem.

Another major feature of the drug rehab center at Set Free Woman’s Ranch is its detoxification program. Unlike many other rehabilitation centers, Set Free Woman’s Ranch offers a complete detox program inpatient or outpatient. The outpatient program allows the patients and their family members to stay in the home and care for the patient during his/her recovery. The outpatient program is highly successful as it allows the patient to get back home to his/her family without having to face any of the withdrawal symptoms.

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