Veterans Alcoholic Rehab Prog VARP Gibson Recovery for Women San Bernardino CA 92410

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Veterans Alcoholic Rehab Prog VARP Gibson Recovery for Women San Bernardino CA 92410

Many in the medical community have come to the conclusion that a substance abuse and alcoholism treatment program for veterans are necessary. According to the Center for Disease Control, drug abuse and alcoholism are the leading causes of disabilities among former soldiers from the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and other patriotic organizations. This revelation came as a shock to many people who believed that substance abuse or dependence on alcohol was limited to the working class. Apparently, not so, as it has been proven that soldiers who return from foreign wars with psychological problems and addiction to alcohol and/or drugs suffer greater levels of disability from alcoholism or drug addiction than their civilian peers.

Even though there are numerous substance abuse and alcoholism rehabilitation centers that have been established over the years, there is still much work to be done to reduce the number of veteran patients who are receiving such treatment. One main problem is that there is not enough funding to support these facilities and maintain them at an effective level. Another is that there simply is not enough time available to provide these veterans with individualized treatment to treat their specific needs. These two issues must be addressed to ensure that every veteran receives the best possible care and therapy. The results are well worth the effort.

Veterans Alcoholic Rehab is committed to providing the best quality care and therapy to those that have been injured while suffering from addiction to alcohol or other substances. We recognize that it can be extremely difficult for those that have been victimized by this type of mental health crisis to receive the specialized assistance that they need. Our rehab clinics understand that life happens, and that it is sometimes difficult for the victims to realize that the trauma they have experienced has been self-inflicted. Our trained, caring counselors and therapists will work with each patient individually to address the underlying causes of their dependency on alcohol or drugs, as well as the self-esteem, confidence and resources to help them make positive lifestyle changes. Our rehab clinics also offer post-rehab program support services to ensure that our clients remain committed to their sobriety.

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