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722 33rd Street, San Diego, California 92101

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House of Metamorphosis San Diego CA 92101

The House of Metamorphosis in San Diego, California is a drug addiction treatment facility for persons addicted to alcohol or any other substance abuse. It is a private drug rehab facility whose main campus is located in Encinitas but is accredited by the American Council on Alcoholism and Addiction (ACEA). It offers two major programs which are a one-year residential treatment program as well as a two-year outpatient program for alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation. Both of these programs follow similar methods and philosophies as those used at Alcoholics Anonymous.

The one-year residential treatment program addresses the addiction to alcohol and drugs through a detoxification process followed by inpatient care. During this time the patient will be evaluated and receive specialized counseling in order to help them deal with the complications that life with addiction brings. Throughout the year several residential treatment facilities for substance abuse and alcoholism are available so that the patients can receive continued treatment at home as well as in an outside facility. The goal of the program is to provide the patient with both the psychological assistance as well as the medical help necessary for them to overcome their addiction. The focus on psychological issues such as counseling is geared toward the recovery of the patient’s sense of self esteem.

The second phase of the House of Metamorphosis’s residential treatment is the outpatient substance abuse program. This particular program is offered to persons who live in and around the downtown area of San Diego. It is a great alternative to the inpatient substance abuse treatment because the patient does not have to move into a long term residential program. The medical care is also better since the attending physician will have access to all the latest medical equipment and pharmaceuticals for use in treating the patients. Substance abuse is a disease that has a serious effect on people’s lives and it is important that persons who suffer from this disease seek the appropriate help for themselves and their families.

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