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870 Market Street, Suite 1101, San Francisco, California 94102

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Markus Dobler

Markus Dobler is the owner of the Combustion Clinic. He has been treating alcoholics, addicts, adolescents and children for more than 15 years. He provides one of the most innovative drug addiction treatment programs in the nation. It is known for its holistic approach which uses both science and art to address the underlying causes of drug addiction. He believes that drug addiction begins in the brain and that understanding how the brain functions will lead to successful and meaningful recovery.

The Combustion Clinic at Markus Dobler, M.S, MFT is located at an environment which strives to make a nurturing environment which promotes continued professional development and advancement in its clients. Many graduates have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs or have found employment with respected companies. There are various support systems available for those who are struggling with substance abuse issues. The program strives to educate individuals and families on the dangers of drug addiction and offers the tools required for them to help their loved ones recover from this disabling disorder. It also covers family related issues such as custody and visitation rights for the addicted individual and the effects that withdrawal can have on a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.

As one of the few drug addiction treatment programs in the nation that focuses on the mental aspect of drug abuse, the Combustion Clinic at Markus Dobler places a strong emphasis on finding a solution through holistic means. Many of the people who complete the program have gone on to successfully lead productive and fully functioning lives. The clinic incorporates many different types of treatments in an attempt to achieve optimal success. This includes medication given in conjunction with group therapy, nutritional support, individual and group therapy and education.

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