Alcoholicos Anonimos Grupo Alviso San Jose CA 95101

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1621 Gold, San Jose, California 95101

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Alcoholicos Anonimos Grupo Alviso San Jose CA 95101

The Alcoholicos Anonimos Grupo Alviso San Jose, a highly successful alcohol rehabilitation center in the state of California, has been providing quality drug addiction treatment programs and related services to millions of people with substance abuse problems for more than 35 years. The facilities are managed by the Grupo Alviso Foundation, which was formed in 1985. Since then, the foundation has developed a system of highly specialized rehabs, residential and outpatient centers that focus on individual needs, while incorporating professional training to practitioners and other employees. The facilities receive federal and state funds for their comprehensive drug rehabilitation programs. This is the largest drug rehab and alcoholism treatment center in the Pacific Northwest.

In a highly personalized, holistic approach, the drug rehabilitation center provides a combination of inpatient drug rehab treatment, residential substance abuse treatment, individual and group counseling, recovery-oriented therapy, and life skills development. The staffs combine science, art, psychology, nutrition, sociology, and lifestyle counseling to provide the most comprehensive care possible to patients. Patients can expect a warm, friendly, and nonjudgmental environment that will make them feel comfortable about opening up to their physicians, family, and friends. They will be provided with the highest levels of personal care, including nutrition and physical therapy as needed.

In the main part of the facility, individuals will find an environment that supports detoxification, while providing a safe environment to begin the process of recovery. Inpatient substance abuse treatment includes detoxification, medicinal care, support services, and ongoing support for recovery. Out patient substance abuse treatment is available for those who do not have access to substance abuse medications or who prefer to self-medicate. Family and friends are also very much included in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, ensuring a sense of community for each participant.

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