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222 Keyes St # 110, San Jose, California 95110

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Alcoholics Anonymous San Jose CA 95110

Alcoholics Anonymous San Jose CA is a confidential addiction support group. This organization offers twelve step programs, which are based on the Christian religion and the belief of Alcoholics Anonymous. The basic premise of Alcoholics Anonymous is to provide an on-going support for alcoholics, those who have a substance abuse problem and their families. Alcoholics Anonymous provides leadership, counseling and education to people who are struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. They provide resources for organizing in groups, having regular meetings and keeping the membership updated with current information on achieving sobriety.

Alcoholics Anonymous focuses on achieving a sense of self-actualization through an understanding of one’s relationship to alcohol and other substance abuse. Alcoholics Anonymous has done extensive research to show that successful recovery depends upon involvement within a community that offers a range of activities. These activities include socializing and recreational activities, group projects, spiritual activities, interaction with professionals and research and educational opportunities. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can be attended by people who have an alcoholism problem or are trying to stay sober.

Many treatment programs for substance abuse have been developed over the years. The most effective way to overcome drug addiction or alcoholism is to participate in a 12 Step program that is in tune with your problem, needs and desires. Alcoholics Anonymous San Diego is a wonderful resource for anyone who needs assistance. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact AA Contact Us.

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