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1340 Tully Rd, Suite 304, San Jose, California 95122

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Asian American Recovery Services Inc - Santa Clara County San Jose CA 95122

Asian American Drug Rehabs are located in many states, especially California. Asian Americans are over-represented in various walks of life, in government, in industry and in various institutions of higher learning. Substance abuse is a major health problem in the Asian American population, as the addiction to alcohol, drugs and tobacco is much higher than in the general population. A number of faith-based Asian American Drug Rehabs have been established in the past few years, as the number of addicts has been on the rise. They provide customized services and aim at restoring the addicts to a healthy state of mind.

Asian American drug addiction treatment includes various components. Generally, Asian Americans begin with a detoxification process followed by counseling and aftercare programs. The detoxification process eliminates the physical and psychological components of substance abuse. After detoxification, Asian American Drug Rehabs in Santa Clara County provides recovery programs targeting at preventing drug relapse and at is keeping the patient physically and psychologically fit. Counseling is an important component of the recovery program, which helps the addicts to identify their personal vulnerabilities and to develop effective coping mechanisms to overcome the addiction.

Asian American Drug Rehabs offer a complete range of drug addiction treatment programs, focusing at several different components in order to meet the unique needs of their patients. They provide both inpatient and outpatient services, depending upon the patient’s need and the severity of the addiction. Asian American Drug Rehabs in Santa Clara County, drug rehab facilities in the San Fernando Valley and throughout the Silicon Valley serve to educate the public about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction and to advocate for stronger governmental action to combat the problem. They provide state of the art drug treatment facilities to treat both substance abusers and non-substance abusers alike. Many drug rehab centers also offer foreign medication therapy.

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