Combined Addicts and Professionals Services CAPSResidential Unit San Jose CA 95112

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398 South 12th Street, San Jose, California 95112

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Combined Addicts and Professionals Services CAPSResidential Unit San Jose CA 95112

Combined Addicts and Professionals Services CAPSResidential Unit in San Jose C, alcohol treatment program offers treatment for the patients who are suffering from problems like alcoholism, drug addiction or any other substance abuse. It is a one-on-one residential treatment facility for the addicted people and professionals working in substance abuse treatment centers. This facility offers complete out ofpatient substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation. The professionals offer various treatment options for the addicted people who are suffering from the problem of substance abuse. In fact, this drug addiction treatment program consists of various treatment methods that include inpatient substance abuse rehab, outpatient treatment, inpatient detoxification, residential treatment, day/night community reinforcement, family therapy, psychotherapy, medication and support groups among others.

The residential treatment for the addicted people offers the complete rehabilitation and care required for them. Substance abuse treatment center includes all the requirements of the addicted person, who are suffering from the problems of substance addiction including medication, behavioral therapy, group therapy, family therapy, life coaching, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and psychotherapy. Psychotherapy helps you in getting rid of the addictive personality and replacing it with caring and sympathetic person.

The drug addiction treatment center provides an individualized drug addiction treatment plan, in which medication is the main element. It also incorporates a holistic approach to treating the patient for curing the addiction. The experts at the drug addiction treatment center try to customize the plan of treatment according to the needs and situation of the addict. Thus, we can say that the combined professionals and substance abuse professionals in San Jose C offer the best services for drug addiction as well as alcoholism. Thus, a combination of treatment methodologies offers best results for the patients.

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