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1174 Lincoln Ave Suite 6, San Jose, California 95125

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Dr. Randi Fredricks

A Ph.D. in the behavioral sciences and a certified family therapist, Dr. Randi Fredricks have helped millions of people get rid of drug addiction, work through troubled relationships, and overcome other personal issues that can be draining on an addict. She has been described as a “life coach” who helps you uncover your greatest potential. Through a combination of therapy, education, and intervention, Dr. Randi Fredricks helps you uncover and resolve emotional problems that are at the root of destructive behavior. Armed with her award-winning book, “You’ll Be Praying Like a Baby in No Time,” Dr. Randi Fredricks is able to help people reclaim their lives. Her services can be found in both South Jordan New Jersey and throughout the United States.

Randi Fredricks is a certified family therapist and a practitioner in the field of behavioral health care. She is an advocate of evidence-based and complementary practices such as hypnotherapy, biofeedback, meditation, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, and cognitive restructuring. A practicing therapist and psychologist, she believes that our current method of treating mental disorders is broken and needs to be replaced with a holistic approach. As a result, she has developed a number of methods, such as a 12-step recovery program, medication-free living program, and a no-cost, no-surgery alternative medicine program. Her unique and proven techniques have helped millions of people take back control of their lives.

Dr. Randi Fredricks is a highly sought after addiction specialist and speaker. She is the author of several well-received books including “You’ll Be Praying Like a Baby in No Time,” Conquering Addiction – The Psychology of Getting Straight,” which is considered as the bible of addiction treatment. She is also the founder of the Randi Fitness Institute and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).

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