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1625 The Alameda Suite 512, San Jose, California 95126

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Duenke- Dr. Susan- Psy.D. San Jose CA 95126

Dr. Susan Duane is a world famous American psychologist and the author of several well-received books on the subject of drug addiction, especially as it relates to alcoholism. Her personal life and professional life has been touched by drug abuse since her childhood days when she was fighting with her father for the right to smoke marijuana in her home. She fought successfully for the right to use marijuana and she continues to do so to this very day. As a result, in addition to her professional achievements, Dr. Susan is a world-class speaker, an acclaimed writer and lecturer, a published poet, and an advocate for drug rehabilitation. Her efforts in drug rehab helped to create many drug rehab facilities all across the country and helped turn thousands of lives around, including her own.

As a psychologist who has worked successfully with many substance abuse and addiction problems, Dr. Susan has seen the challenges that people facing substance abuse face every day. The most common issue faced by drug abusers and alcoholics is depression. This, of course, is a common issue faced by most psychologists, but in her experience, Dr. Susan’s drug rehab treatments have been very effective because they address this aspect of drug abuse and alcoholism with a positive outlook and approach. In her experience, people facing substance abuse and alcoholism issues are usually faced with depression, guilt, anxiety, irritability, panic attacks and other common forms of depression. Through her treatments, patients are not only able to deal with their depression in a productive manner, but they are also able to learn how to manage their anger in a healthy and productive way.

Another effective aspect of Dr. Susan Duane’s drug addiction treatment program is that it deals with the family of the patient and helps them in their journey of recovery. With this in mind, Susan provides in depth group and individual counseling as well as individual psychotherapy for her patients. She understands the unique needs of each patient and strives to provide a drug rehab treatment program that works for each one of them. In her experience, when individuals are truly helped with a drug addiction treatment program that is both comprehensive, they do much better in treatment and in life overall. If you or someone you know needs help with substance abuse and addiction, don’t hesitate to contact Susan Duane.

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