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808 Palm Street, San Jose, California 95110

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Willow Home San Jose CA 95110

Willow Home is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in San Jose, California. It was founded by Dr. Sam P. Smith, a world-famous cardiologist. He was a world renowned expert on nutrition and exercise when it comes to fighting the battle against addictions to stimulants, depressants, alcohol and other drugs. Dr. Smith has spent his career treating patients for addiction to alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, heroin, crack, methadone, heroin, prescription medications and even recreational drugs.

Willow Home is one of the leading drug rehab facilities in the nation, and they boast an excellent reputation as a drug treatment center. The main focus at Willow Home is to provide their patients with an all-encompassing approach to drug addiction, which includes nutrition, exercise and therapy. Each patient is assessed and treated according to their specific substance use disorder. There are nine residential treatment centers located throughout San Jose, including three in the county of Alameda. They are staffed by expert therapists who specialize in addiction and its treatment. The treatment at Willow Home is focused on giving individuals the ability to overcome their substance use disorders.

Many drug rehab centers have integrated medication into their treatment programs, but Willow Home believes that this approach does not work effectively in their clients’ cases. Because of this, many of the drug rehab centers in the country are now providing customized medication treatments for their patients. This means that a doctor will create a personalized plan for your individual needs. They will take into consideration your medical history, any other underlying issues you may have, as well as the specific substance abuse that you suffer from. If you or someone you love need help, contact the local treatment center today.

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