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334 Via Vera Cruz, San Marcos, California 92078

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North County Lifeline Inc San Marcos CA 92078

What is North County Lifeline? It is a national, 24-hour, toll-free hotline that provides access to trained counselors and medical staff for people in crisis. The program was started in recognition of the overdose deaths of many young people from alcohol and drug abuse. Substance abuse treatments are available at the North County Lifeline organization’s North County Treatment Center located in San Marcos. In addition, there are other substance abuse treatment centers located throughout the County. Drug rehab facilities in the area include the Vista Ridge Drug Rehab Center, the Orange County Jail, St. John’s rehab facility, the Osage County Jail, and others.

In San Antonio, there are numerous alcohol rehabilitation and drug treatment centers that provide quality services to addicts suffering from various addictions. These centers are staffed with professional counselors and physicians as well as social workers to extend personal care, emotional support, and help with practical concerns such as finding jobs and housing. The state-of-the-art drug addiction treatment center at St. John’s rehab is accredited by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) and is one of the best drug rehab treatment facilities in the nation. This rehab center has an addiction treatment division that is led by licensed psychiatrist Dr. Mario Maciel who is also a trained psychologist. Dr. Maciel is a world renowned expert in drug rehabilitation and has successfully treated scores of alcoholics and addicts.

The North County Lifeline, Alcoholism, and Drug Abuse helpline is affiliated with several other programs and agencies to extend assistance to persons seeking help. The programs and activities offered by the North County Lifeline include confidential hot lines for adults and children as well as, local and national support programs for families experiencing divorce, separation, and other life transitions. The North County Lifeline also has an online presence where you can register, log in, and browse programs and resources. If you are looking for a drug rehab in San masa, CA, you can’t go wrong with the North County Lifeline and its network of services.

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