Alta Institute Inc Chemical Dependency Intervention Prog Santa Ana CA 92705

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1540 East Edinger Avenue Suite B, Santa Ana, California 92705

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Alta Institute Inc Chemical Dependency Intervention Prog Santa Ana CA 92705

The Alta Institute Inc. was established in 1969 by Dr. Richard Bandler, a world-renowned psychiatrist. Since then, the Alta Institute has become a world renowned rehabilitation center for substance abuse and alcoholism treatment. Dr. Bandler’s innovative approach towards addiction recovery has been highly effective with many people being able to overcome their addictions with only a few weeks of stay in the facility. The center offers an integrated whole care system that aims to develop psychological as well as physical skills for patients. With this in mind, the center has grown to become one of the most important addiction treatment centers in the world.

In the main aspect, the Alta Institute Inc treats addictions with the help of various psychotherapeutic techniques that address core issues of the problem. They try and help patients to break free from their addictive patterns by assisting them in finding the root cause of their addiction and offering them practical methods to overcome it. Once the patient learns what triggers their compulsive behavior, they are helped in breaking these habits through a series of exposure therapy. After this is achieved, patients are treated with a range of therapies that address their emotional and spiritual needs. These programs also aid in resolving the emotional issues behind the addiction, thereby resulting in the patient being free from their reliance on alcohol or drugs.

In their effort to provide personalized care to each patient, the Alta Institute works towards making each patient feel comfortable with the environment and with their physicians as well. The patients are provided with the necessary tools to deal with the stressors that may occur during treatment and to reduce any potential stressors. Patients are encouraged to share their feelings freely with the team members, which helps them build strong ties within the group. The Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that are held at the center are also highly motivational, as the center tries to sponsor meetings for addicts of all ages. The organization encourages its members to practice self-examination and renewal each day. People who attend meetings will learn new techniques in overcoming substance abuse, which can then help them in their everyday lives.

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