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311 East Washington Street, Santa Ana, California 92701

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Villa Center Inc Villa Annex Santa Ana CA 92701

Inpatient drug rehabs are focused on individual patients’ substance abuse problems. Individuals with mild substance abuse problems can be admitted on an outpatient basis, while individuals with severe addiction can be admitted on an inpatient basis. Both kinds of patients are given individual attention with the focus being on recovery. Patients can participate in various rehabilitation programs such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. There are also various spiritual activities, yoga, meditation, and physical workouts provided at the facility. The focus at Villa Center is to try and help its clients to realize that addiction is not a fatal problem and that it can be cured.

Treatment can take place at the facility itself or at a local hospital. The treatment program offered is dependent on the severity of the substance abuse problem. Treatment centers also provide patients with educational programs such as Anger Management, Comprehensive Addiction Education, Life Skills, and Problem Solving sessions. All these activities make the treatment program more effective.

Many people consider substance abuse to be out of their control and inescapable. However, in the hands of a good therapist and the right guidance, the substance abuse problem can be handled very easily. Villa Center strives to ensure that its clients are properly educated on the subject. In fact, many graduates of the program have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs. This is because, after graduating from the program, they have learned how to handle substance abuse problem in an effective manner. Treatment at the center is not just about learning to overcome the problem but is about how to live with it so that it does not affect your life to such an extent that you are unable to function normally in society.

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