Lighthouse of Hope Counseling Center Sunnyvale CA 94087

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1515 Partridge Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94087

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Lighthouse of Hope Counseling Center Sunnyvale CA 94087

The Lighthouse of Hope Counseling Center in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida offers a drug rehab program that is focused on the holistic treatment of the whole person. Although they acknowledge the fact that there are some substance abuse and addiction issues that cannot be resolved without the help of a drug rehab facility, they also recognize that a holistic approach can address these problems. This means that treatment is centered around the patient’s entire health and treating the entire body and mind. The drug rehab facility offers all the latest and most advanced technologies, as well as skilled professionals who know how to treat and manage substance abuse and addiction. They do not just focus on a treatment for the physical aspect of substance abuse; they offer therapy for emotional aspects as well.

What makes Lighthouse of Hope Counseling Center such a great drug addiction treatment program is that they make use of a 12-step recovery program that emphasizes the power of subconscious mind over the conscious mind and that helps the patient to break the habit of self-destructive behavior. They follow a hands-on approach to the treatment of substance abuse and addiction and use therapies that will help patients to get rid of the physical cravings to get the powerful chemicals out of their bodies. In this way, they treat the addiction as a disease that can be cured. The drug treatment center also provides patients with daily activities like exercise and positive social activities that they can enjoy along with their treatment. They also provide patients with meditation sessions so that they will learn to relax their mind and body.

The drug rehab center also incorporates the teachings of neuro-linguistic programming, so that patients will be able to adjust their thought patterns and behaviors in order to cope with the stress caused by substance abuse and addiction. These programs allow the patients to understand themselves better so that they will be able to avoid substance abuse in the future. In the recovery program, they are taught to develop an effective plan to combat the abuse of substances and how to stop it from reoccurring. The Lighthouse of Hope residential drug treatment center believes that the root of every sickness is the brain, and they use programs and teachings that will help the people suffering from substance addiction to overcome their cravings and stay free from diseases like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses caused by substance abuse. It has been found that the Lighthouse of Hope residential drug treatment center provides excellent services to patients who have drug and alcohol addictions and wants to clean up their past.

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