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2260 Watson Way, Vista, California 92083

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Epidaurus Vista CA 92083

When a man is sentenced for drug trafficking, the judge will assign him to one of two areas in the county of Riverside called the Drug Treatment Center or the Southwestern Drug rehab facility. This is one of the major institutions in the country that specializes in drug rehab and substance abuse treatment. It is situated in the community of West Hollywood. Many well-known people, including some of the most famous musicians in the world, have received treatment here. In fact, many of them have become the icons of their field because of their achievements in the field of substance abuse treatment.

The main drug rehab center is located at the Hollywood Renaissance Hospital in the city of Riverside. It was established in 1968 and serves the people residing in the region of Hollywood as its outpatient substance abuse treatment center. The facilities and the staff are considered to be excellent and well taken care of. The center offers a complete treatment for those addicted to certain substances like Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Alcohol and Crystal Meth. They also offer rehabilitation treatment for the addicts who have general disorders like mental illness and learning disability. The main goal of the center is to give a meaningful and productive life to the individuals.

The center also provides recovery programs and a fellowship for the alcoholics. People who attend the substance abuse treatment are given the chance to make new friends who will support them in their endeavor. The fellowship is particularly designed for those addicted to alcohol. Through this program, they can interact with the other alcoholics and learn from them. The support from other addicts is believed to have a major effect on the success of the program.

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