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47 Quail Court, Walnut Creek, California 94596

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A New Start Counseling Center Walnut Creek CA 94596

A New Start Counseling Center in Walnut Creek, California offers a wide variety of long-term treatment and counseling programs for those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. The substance abuse treatment program offers inpatient rehab programs for individuals who have a substance abuse problem, while the outpatient drug rehab programs are great for individuals who are just going through a tough time and need some personal guidance with their drug addiction. There are treatment centers like these all across America, but one thing that sets this particular drug addiction center apart from others is its holistic approach to treatment and its dedication to offering quality long-term drug treatment programs. A drug rehab clinic that treats the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – is much more effective at keeping people clean and sober than other treatment centers who only concentrate on one aspect of the person’s illness. Combining both outpatient treatment services and inpatient treatment services is what makes A New Start different and provides a drug addiction treatment program that will help you and your family achieve the results you’ve been hoping for.

While A New Start Counseling Center takes great care in offering a quality detox program, they also take great pains to offer an intensive outpatient treatment program with personalized counseling. During your initial intake at the drug treatment center, your doctors will evaluate your medical history, conduct diagnostic testing, and provide you with a comprehensive list of your medications as well as a list of your family medical history. They will then administer a series of tests, perform physical examinations, and gather information on your private medical records in order to determine whether or not you may be suffering from some form of substance abuse disorder, addiction, or depression.

When it comes to your drug addiction treatment, A New Start Counseling Center will help you to make sense of your life and to understand how your choices have negatively affected your health and relationships. In addition to personal evaluation and treatment, A New Start’s staff will offer you one-on-one consultations in which they will discuss your options regarding substance abuse and addiction. At the consultations, your counselors will discuss with you your options for detox, maintenance, and follow-up support. Your counselors can help you make important decisions about your future – one that may change the rest of your life.

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