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1460 Maria Ln Suite 310, Walnut Creek, California 94596

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Dr Belinda Lopes PHD

Dr Belinda Lopes, PhD is the foremost medical advisor and expert on drug rehabilitation. Her remarkable career as a drug researcher and physiologist has spanned three decades. As a personal friend of Leary and myself, Dr. Lopes helped us in planning various drug addiction treatment programs, and has been a steady friend and confidante since we met in 1986. She has taken many personal risks to provide her knowledge of drug addiction treatment programs to millions of alcoholics and drug abusers.

This article is dedicated to exposing the hidden truth behind the popular misconception that drug rehab programs are only for the severely addicted and severely depressed drug abusers who can not find any worthy alternative to their drug addiction. The facts clearly reveal that there are drug addiction treatment centers for all types of drug addicts, including those who have only a little problem of mild substance abuse, but are still willing to get help because of strong familial or relationship ties with their drug of choice. In the article I present the recommendations of the world’s most respected drug addiction treatment program, which strongly emphasizes that treatment should be based on the concept of” Rehabilitation”. In other words, Dr Belinda Lopes’ research has shown that drug rehab does not end when the patient leaves the hospital premises, but goes on to engage in a series of activities such as group therapy, group education and group support.

The first step in the recovery process is having a positive attitude. When an individual gets into a highly stressful and traumatic physical state, he/she may react with anger, rage, depression, anxiety, or other emotional outbursts. However, this type of reaction masks or blocks the ability of the person to properly communicate his/her feelings and fears, which in turn keeps the drug addict from getting help. This is why it is always advisable to look for support groups, such as a religious or community organization that can provide psychological comfort and counseling when an individual is dealing with a drug addiction problem.

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