Hoover Betsy Mary LCSW CAC III Lakewood CO 80215

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11500 West 20th Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado 80215

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Hoover Betsy Mary LCSW CAC III Lakewood CO 80215

As more and more people struggle with addiction, the need for effective treatment options continues to grow. For those living in Lakewood, Colorado, there are a variety of addiction treatment options available. Whether it’s through inpatient or outpatient programs, or a combination of the two, residents of Lakewood have access to a range of therapies and resources that can help them overcome addiction.One of the most well-known treatment options for addiction is inpatient rehabilitation. Typically, these programs require patients to live at a rehabilitation center for a set amount of time (usually 30, 60, or 90 days). During their stay, patients receive intensive therapy and support from medical professionals and addiction specialists. Inpatient programs offer a safe, structured environment that allows patients to focus solely on their recovery. Many people find that this level of support and attention is what they need to finally break free from their addiction.However, inpatient treatment isn’t the right fit for everyone. Some people may have work or family commitments that make it difficult for them to commit to living at a rehabilitation center for an extended period of time. In these cases, outpatient treatment may be a better option. Outpatient programs allow patients to receive treatment while still living at home and maintaining their regular schedules. However, the level of support provided is typically less intense than what is offered through inpatient treatment.Many addiction treatment centers in Lakewood offer a combination of inpatient and outpatient programs. For example, a patient may begin their treatment with a 30-day inpatient stay followed by outpatient appointments and counseling. This blended approach can be particularly effective for people who need intensive support to get through the initial stages of recovery, but who also need the flexibility of an outpatient program to help them manage their ongoing recovery efforts.Aside from inpatient and outpatient treatment, there are a variety of therapies and treatments that can be effective in helping people overcome addiction. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been shown to be effective in helping people change their addictive behaviors and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Other types of therapy, such as group therapy or family therapy, can also be helpful in providing emotional support and helping people build stronger relationships with their loved ones.It’s also common for addiction treatment programs to incorporate holistic therapies, such as yoga, meditation, or art therapy. These types of practices can be helpful in promoting overall wellness and reducing stress, which can ultimately help people recover from addiction. Some addiction treatment programs may also offer alternative treatments, such as acupuncture or equine therapy, which can be helpful for some people.Ultimately, the most effective addiction treatment program will vary from person to person. It’s important for people struggling with addiction to work closely with their medical providers and addiction specialists to find a program that meets their unique needs and preferences. However, with a range of treatment options available in Lakewood, Colorado, there’s likely a program that can help anyone struggling with addiction begin the journey towards recovery.

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