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The Silkworth Institute for Sober Living in Scottsdale, Arizona offers an array of services to suit every individual’s needs. Whether it is a transitional livin…


7283 E Earll Dr, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

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Silkworth Institute Scottsdale AZ 85251

The Silkworth Institute for Sober Living in Scottsdale, Arizona offers an array of services to suit every individual’s needs. Whether it is a transitional living, residential treatment or a sojourn into spiritual self-discovery, the Silkworth Institute can accommodate you and make your transition as smooth and easy as possible. The staff at the Sober Living home is committed to making you feel welcome and your stay with them as comfortable as possible. Some residents may move in with the staff at the center after detox or halfway house, while others may begin their treatment after moving into a hotel or another transitional living situation. Once you have chosen where you will be living, you can be sure that you will receive personalized care and attention from trained professionals who are ready to help you get back on track toward a more successful and meaningful life.

One of the many benefits of a stay at the Sober Living transition house is that you do not have to choose between being sober and being able to function on a daily basis. The residents are encouraged to participate in both elements of their recovery, which allows them to learn to live as soberly as possible while still finding time to enjoy themselves and meet other people. For those individuals preparing to enter a long term transitional living program, the residential treatment can provide them with a safe space to come clean about issues that may be holding you back from being able to fully recover. The residential treatment also gives the addict a chance to try new activities and visit new places while still being under the care of professionals who are watching over their physical and mental wellbeing. Most of the residents of the Sober Living transition homes are drug or alcohol addicts who have been through a short term rehab or who have a strong alcohol or drug addiction and who need to slowly return back to living a sober lifestyle. There is no better way for these individuals to begin their journey back than by living at the Sober Living transition house.

Those interested in the Sober Living program should contact the Sober Living Foundation by phone, by visiting the Sober Living website, or by calling the Sober Living Foundation at the toll free number listed above. To apply for admission into the Sober Living transition community, individuals will be required to submit a complete application. Upon acceptance into the Sober Living program, an individual will receive a welcome kit, along with literature on maintaining a sober lifestyle, a list of the amenities and services that are offered by the transition community, and a list of contact persons. Those looking for more specific information about the Sober Living program are advised to visit the Sober Living Foundation’s website.

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