What are the Dangers of Mixing Xanax and Alcohol? Effects and Overdose

Alcohol and Xanax

Casual drinkers and alcoholic people should think twice about taking Xanax when they are drinking. This is because taking this drug with alcohol intensifies its side effects. So before you try to take these two together or before thinking of turning a blind eye to a loved one who does this, make sure you read this post to know more about the effects of taking Xanax and alcohol simultaneously.

Researchers don’t know for sure why this happens, but it’s likely due to the chemical interactions between alcohol and Xanax in the body.

An animal study conducted in 2018 suggested that ethanol (the main ingredient in alcoholic beverages) increases alprazolam’s maximum concentration in the bloodstream. 

This results in a higher “buzz” or “high” as well as increased side effects. The combination also forces the liver to work harder to break down both Xanax and alcohol. 

Here, Addiction IO warns you of these side effects that a person might experience when they take Xanax and alcohol together: 

What Makes the Combination of Xanax and Alcohol Dangerous?

Xanax is a benzodiazepine. This type of drug works well for anxiety and panic disorders. The drug works to lessen the intensity of a panic attack or anxiety by slowing down the nervous system.

As a result, the person feels more relaxed and calm.

Alcohol increases the brain’s response to Xanax. As a result, the person consumes more Xanax when they drink alcohol. This can lead to serious side effects, including overdose.

Xanax and alcohol are both central nervous system depressants. These drugs slow down brain function. This makes it hard to control a person’s actions and movements.

When a person mixes Xanax and alcohol together, both drugs work together to amplify the symptoms of a person’s anxiety disorder.

This can lead to unpleasant side effects, overdose, and serious injuries.

Additionally, combining these drugs can lead to dangerous behaviors due to the person’s mental health.

Is It Possible to Overdose on the Combination of Alcohol and Xanax?

People that use Xanax and alcohol together run the risk of overdosing. Overdosing is where the person takes a drug that is too much for their body. This can lead to serious health complications and, in the worst case, death.

Additionally, these drugs can lead to vomiting and choking.

A person who is overdosing on these drugs might be at an increased risk of committing suicide. This is one of the reasons why it’s crucial to immediately help a person overdosing on one of these drugs.

What Signs and Symptoms of Overdose Should One Be Aware of?

If a person is overdosing on alcohol and Xanax, then it’s essential to know what signs and symptoms to look for.

These might include:

  • Lethargy or being unable to keep one’s eyes open
  • Slurred speech or speaking incoherently
  • Slow or irregular breathing
  • Mental confusion or difficulty thinking
  • Unconsciousness or inability to wake up
  • An increased heart rate or heart palpitations
  • Vomiting
  • Uncontrolled muscle movements
  • Overwhelming feelings of guilt, sadness, anger, or fear

Mood and Behavioral Effects

The combination of taking alcohol and Xanax can cause a person to feel more depressed, anxious, and angry than they would without drugs. The risk of this happening increases when the person also uses other drugs or non-prescription drugs.

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A person might also feel more physical pleasure and excitement when using these drugs together.

This results in a person spending more time using these drugs and feeling their effects. The person might feel the urge to use the drugs repeatedly, which leads to addiction.

Sedative Effects

When a person mixes the two together, the sedative effects of these drugs are more intense. When the person mixes these drugs and then also gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, this can become dangerous because the person will be less aware of their surroundings.

This can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents.

Memory Impairment

Using Xanax and alcohol together can impair a person’s memory. The person might not remember what happened the night they used these drugs.

Some people might also have blackouts and not remember anything after taking the drugs.

Additionally, alcohol and Xanax can disrupt a person’s memory. This happens especially to long-term memories.

This is because these drugs affect the brain’s ability to transfer memories from short-term to long-term storage.

It’s important to know that the memory impairment caused by Xanax and the memory impairment caused by alcohol are two different things.

Physical Side Effects

After mixing Xanax and alcohol, a person might experience a multitude of physical side effects. The person might feel nausea and vomit as a result. They might also feel dizzy.

Additionally, they might sweat a lot. This occurs because these drugs put stress on a person’s body and make it sweat.

A person might also feel restless and have trouble sleeping.

Mixing Xanax and alcohol can also lead to severe psychological effects. There are many reasons why a person might want to stay away from using these drugs together. This includes memory impairment, the physical side effects, and the risk of addiction and overdose.

If a person has a serious medical condition, then it’s best to avoid taking Xanax altogether. Anyone who has a history of severe anxiety disorder or depression should avoid taking Xanax and alcohol together.

What Are the Possible Long-Term Effects of Mixing Xanax and Alcohol?

In addition to the short-term effects of mixing Xanax and alcohol, a person runs the risk of developing long-term side effects.

When a person mixes Xanax and alcohol for a long time, they run the risk of developing a substance use disorder. This is when a person can’t stop using these drugs.

Cognitive impairments are another side effect that a person might experience when they take Xanax and alcohol at the same time. A person can experience memory loss and cognitive impairments as a result of mixing these drugs.

This can lead to a person not being able to remember certain things happening in their life. It can also lead to decreased brain activity.

Mixing Xanax and alcohol can also lead to depression and anxiety.

These are common side effects of Xanax when taken on its own, but they can be intensified when a person mixes these drugs with alcohol.


Using Xanax and alcohol together has many side effects. The side effects of mixing Xanax and alcohol vary in severity. This depends on the person’s health, the type of substance the person takes, and how much Xanax and alcohol the person takes. These side effects include memory impairment, sedation, and feeling nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Additionally, a person might feel more depressed and anxious.

When a person mixes these drugs, they run the risk of addiction and overdosing on them. This can lead to even more severe health problems and even death.

If you know someone using Xanax and alcohol together, it’s crucial to help them. It’s best to tell a person using Xanax and alcohol together that their behavior and addiction are not normal. It will also greatly help to get professional help for them, especially if their loved ones’ intervention isn’t working.